Welcome to NavaPark

An iconic mixed use resort development that celebrates waterfront lifestyle surrounded by nature.
  • Nature
    Resort Inspired Living
    Free yourself from the bustlingcity and come home to a tropical paradise that revives you in its luxuriant nature - ahome that offers a sense of getaway, tranquility and comford. Introducing a resort inspired living, NavaPark integrates modern, urban luxury with pristine, natural surrounding to bring such a beautiful harmony you shall indulge in.
  • Allure
    Navapark Country Club
    Envisioned to be 5 star lifestyle destination, Navapark Country Club redefines modern sophistication through exclusive facilities and its monumental settings. As the crown jewel of the complex , it is made to be the of quality living in greater Jakarta. An iconic establishment that combines lush, tropical surroundings, waterways and lakes with contemporary architectural approach to turn its 2.2 Ha area into a heavenly getaway of NavaPark.
    A Treat of Royalty
    As the main sport and leisure destination, NavaPark Country Club is planned to be the essence of NavaPark's dynamic communal activities. Inspired township to bring a vibrant, cosmopolitan feel to the township, this luxury country club indulges its visitor with first class services and amenities.
    A Place of Leisure & Serenity
    The NavaPark Country Club is the township's main attraction tht compliments the complex with prime infrastructure and facilities in amidst NavaPark's resort inspired nature.
  • Vibrant
    Dynamic Living Experience
    A day in NavaPark begins as the sun gently greets the gentle flows of the river. As the morning rays hit the freshly mown grass, as the earth rises in the smell of nature all around it. NavaPark offers a reviving experience, to be reborn, as you wake up to its pristine green surrounding.
  • Aspire
    Exclusive Landed Residence
    Surrounded by NavaPark's revivinng, lush, nature these exquisite landed residences are sophisticatedly designed with ample spaces and dynamic neighborhood. Every house is made with our expertise, dedication and care in creating desirable and delightful living experience for you and your loved ones.
    The Ultimate Condo living
    Being designed for the ultimate comfort, our condos offer spacious living areas that provide maximum exposure to the panoramic views of the surroundings. Each residence will make an ideal place for those who seeks to deligt in the unique NavaPark surrounding.